Saturday, 26 October 2013

Here I go...

So, my first ever blog post! I am hoping that this blog will give me the chance to share my interests with other like-minded, amazing and inspirational people :) I have browsed blogs for such a long time but never had the confidence to start my own. I love talking, and love writing, so what better way to put them together than in a blog? I love reading blogs and seeing peoples personal journeys and experiences and I am hoping that this is the start of, here I go!!!

And to say thank you...a link to a blog that gave me the confidence to go and do it! This lady is so inspiring, her blog is full of inspirational ideas and everytime I browse her site I leave hoping my life is one day going to match up....i'm still trying!!!!! Thank you littlemissmomma for starting me on my journey without even knowing!

Little Miss Momma

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  1. Natasha, You are soooo very sweet! Good luck with your journey and congrats! You are going to do amazing! Welcome to the world of blogging.And thank you for making my day with your kind words.